Our Services

Our objective is to work with clients to help build and preserve their wealth, with a view to securing long-term prosperity for them and their families.

Our clients welcome the strategic ‘whole-of-life’ approach we employ and the methodological rigour that we bring to managing their financial affairs – year in, year out. We have many multi-generational clients who trust us to look after their affairs.

We work with a relatively limited number of carefully selected clients; to do otherwise would not allow us to provide the attention – and to build the trust – that a truly bespoke wealth management service demands. We believe that our clients want a service that is simple, transparent and effective. We use a straightforward six stage process designed to systematically assess, organise, deploy and monitor the ongoing management of your wealth.

We provide three key services to help you to build, manage and protect your wealth; 

  • Paul Byles Wealth Management provides advice to help you take the right action. This includes comprehensive Financial Planning, using sophisticated lifetime cashflow analysis to help quantify your goals, objectives and lifestyle requirements. We also provide focused advice on specific areas, to help you meet your financial objectives.
  • We also implement recommended financial solutions. We do this in an efficient way, so our clients can pay attention to what is important, rather than dealing with reams of paperwork.
  • Finally and perhaps most importantly – we keep things under regular review. All of our clients receive an annual review meeting with their Wealth Management Consultant, along with regular portfolio reports. This provides the opportunity to monitor progress and review.

We take a six-step approach to helping you achieve your financial goals and objectives.