What Our Clients Say

Providing a consistently excellent service to our clients is important to us and getting feedback to make sure we’re doing this is part of how we do this.

Paul Byles has been our financial planner for the past 8 years firstly at Towry Law and now at Paul Byles Wealth Management as part of the St. James's Place Partnership. We are very happy with the comprehensive service he provides us. He is highly professional, proactive in his management of our portfolio and is always available and amenable to chat on an ad hoc basis as well as the regular review meetings he sets up with us. One of the things that impresses us most is his constant review of our portfolio and tailoring it to cope with the ever changing tax laws and changes in global financial markets... and almost as important, he's a really pleasant and interesting bloke! We can thoroughly recommend him.

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We are delighted to hear that you have joined St. James's Place Partnership and we very much look forward to continuing working with you in the future. Over the past eight years you have understood our needs and constraints, and you have consistently provided us with timely, beneficial advice and maintained a completely professional approach. We also appreciate very much that you are always prepared to fit in with our rather chaotic schedule!

Professor Sir J M Brady & Lady N Brady, Oxford

Paul has been our financial adviser for 7 years. We have been impressed with the range of his knowledge & advice. We've had excellent rates of return on our investments and we would not hesitate to recommend him.

Dr S Dodd & Dr D Busolin, Leics

Many people seem to think that a financial adviser is a luxury one can do without but I always ask them if they would service their own car or cut their own hair! I have known Paul Byles for almost 8 years and during that time he has advised me on all things financial! I have found him to be thoughtful of my needs and knowledgeable with his advice. I have always found him to be punctual for our meetings and ready to fit in with my other commitments. He listens to my concerns and has answers for most of them. He is up-to-date with the financial scene and can recommend products that I would have no knowledge of. In fact, I have been so pleased with the advice given that I have had no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and family and they, in turn, have recommended him to their friends. I do not think one can give better praise than that.

Mrs P Clark, Retired Teacher, Oxford

I have known Paul for about eight years during which time he has advised me on asset management and in forward planning for my retirement. I feel we have built up a good relationship of trust and of mutual understanding. Important to me are his prompt, informed and focused responses to my concerns, as well as his clear, intelligible answers to my questions.

Professor A Feinstein, Oxford

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